STUDENT LIFE AT MULUNGUSHI UNIVERSITY + Mini Tour Of Mulungushi University | Lu | Zambian YouTuber

STUDENT LIFE AT MULUNGUSHI UNIVERSITY + Mini tour of Mulungushi University | Lu | Zambian YouTuber

A little information about me that no one asked for Ha.Ha.

I am Lu Mazing, a Zambian YouTuber and student at Mulungushi University in Zambia. I am currently studying Mathematics and Statistics. Therefore, I Ama under the STEM (Science Engineering Technology and Mathematics) category.
I am not a full time YouTuber but I enjoy making videos for fun and recording my university journey in Zambia.
I also try to make University related content for someone who is not yet in university. I personally wish I had such videos before going to Uni. I’ve made videos such as……..

A day in the life of a Mulungushi University Student| Student life at Mulungushi University.⤵️

Things I wish I knew before going to Mulungushi University ⤵️

5 things I like about Mulungushi University ⤵️

Sports at Mulungushi University ⤵️

Essentials to pack for university ⤵️

Moving to Mulungushi University plus Orientation at Mulungushi University ⤵️

How to write a lab report ⤵️

Exam week at Mulungushi University ⤵️

I also try to make content from a student point of view such as…..
Life at Mulungushi University, accommodation at Mulungushi University, room tour at Mulungushi University,tour of Mulungushi University, location of Mulungushi University, is Mulungushi University the best University in Zambia? Top ten universities in Zambia, courses offered at Mulungushi University, online application for Mulungushi university,

Desclaimer: I am not a Mulungushi University representative neither do I work for them. My videos are not sponsored or endorsed by Mulungushi University. All the videos are based on my opinion and experience at the university. Some advice I give is subject to change with time as the university makes amendments to their rules and regulations.

For any questions and queries regarding Mulungushi University, kindly visit the Mulungushi University official website or get in touch with them. All necessary contact details are posted on the official Mulungushi University Website.

Sometimes I get comments like Lu Mazing is the best Zambian YouTuber, Who Is the best Zambian YouTuber, who is the biggest Zambian YouTuber, you are the best female Zambians YouTuber, Lu Mazing isn’t part of the Top ten Best Zambian Youtubers.

To answer your questions and comments (well, responding to them) Lu Mazing is the Best Female Zambian Youtubers (YouTuber) or Lu Mazing is the Best Youtubers at Mulungushi University, or Lu Mazing is the Biggest Zambian YouTuber is an overstatement.
Frankly speaking, there are very good Zambian Youtubers out there such as Nyemba Tembo who has been in the game for a long time making it big (my personnal favourite), Lombe Posa, Mix Kasamwa, Kweswe Tembo, Kayxtee, Muchimba Nicole, Emma Kamau, Kangwa C Musonda, Michie, Sharon’s Phiri, Manfrompink, Teddy Bwalya, Opinionated Phiri and Thoughts101 only to mention a few.

Wait, but do I only make University content? Why do people watch Lu Mazing? Lu Mazing’s secret, The truth about Lu Mazing.
Well, I make academic and lifestyle content.
My plan is to document my University journey in Zambia From first year Till i graduate God’s willingly.

Who is Lu Mazing?
I wouldn’t describe myself and a ball of energy 😂 I am very energetic. I love to make youtube videos, read, do sports and solve math questions for fun. Yes! I solve math for fun. Ha. Ha.
If you want to know me more, check out my other videos below ⤵️

1.When is your upload day? Every Monday at 7 p.m.
2. What are you Studying? BSc Mathematics and Statistics
3. Editing software? iMovie
4. Camera I use: iPad mini
5. Lighting? Natural light (that’s why I film from the bathroom most times! The lighting is super good there)
6. When is your birthday? 5 July, 2001.
7. Favorite food? Nshima
8. Favorite song? Zambian National Anthem
9: Advice to upcoming Youtubers: just be you and keep uploading, one day, your video will boom!
10. Ask me something 😅

My contact details⬇️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️📳
Email :
Instagram: @Lu Mazing lu.lupele

Subscriber count at time of upload #2681 subscribers.
Thank you so much for the love and support.❤️❤️❤️


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