The Best of B1(Zambian Non-Stop Video Mix)

This is a video mix celebrating the smooth musical voice of Zambia’s Top Artist Bruce Simbwalanga ( popularly known as B1). It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and turn up the volume for B1’s song medley.It’s 30 min of non-stop hit after hit from the music maestro.Enjoy
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Track Listing:
1.Village Girl- B1 ft Ruff Kaida
3.Motoka-B1 ft T Boy
4.Make Junior
4.Nikangiwa Kukamba -J Wiseman ft B1
6.Perfecto – B1 ft Yellow Man
7.Kumanda – Chiko Wise ft B1
8.Chishala – Pentagon ft B1
9.Sikiriti(Ku Bed) – B1 ft Debra
10.Sokola Bonzo – B1 ft Leo Muntu
11.Alema – Romario ft B1 & Red Linso
12.TB Joshua
13.Suti(he was a good man)

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